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Nov. 14th, 2010 | 02:57 am
location: Sarah's living room.
mood: busy
music: LOST:Season 6
posted by: inkyumbrella in paper_lightning

In response to this thing I had in this post:

If you respond to this post, I will make you an icon. But you don't get to request what of; I'm just going to make you one based on what reminds me of you.

These are the icons I came up with for people:

(Oh, yeah, and if I couldn't decide between two designs, you just got variants.)

paula_mino: &


rhinestonebliss: &




penguinfaery: &


There were a couple responses to that post that I wasn't sure were to this meme--so if you responded and wanted an icon, and didn't get one, hit me up here. And I'm sorry for skipping you ♥

And, y'know, if you didn't comment before, but you want an icon, hit me up here.

NOTE: I totally don't care if anybody wants to use icons that weren't the ones made for them; but since I did make these icons FOR people, go ahead and ask the recipients, before you snag them?

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